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Do you feel like a cat in a sea of dog services?
Are you finding it difficult to trust the pet sitter whose all about dogs?

You and I both know not everyone speaks Meow.  In fact, one of the most neglected pets a pet sitter often deals with at vacation time is the family feline.   This happens for a number of reasons that are completely understandable.  We have been conditioned to think the cat is an independent creature and setting up the auto-feeder and perpetual water fountain is enough to get by on for a few days.  

Take a look at that warm, furry, purring creature in your lap right now.  That lovable creature right now is showing you she needs you, she's giving you purrs at a level of companionship, she trusts you and when you leave for an extended period of time do you ever wonder what she thinks after 24 hours alone?  How about 36 hours alone?  Or heaven forbid the entire weekend with no one checking in on her or worse a pet sitter who just drops in and fills the food bowl, refreshes the water and scoops?  And the report you get back is the pet sitter/friend never saw the cat?  

It happens far more than you will ever know.

Recently, we had the pleasure of taking care of Molly.  Molly had the same pet sitter for YEARS.  The previous experienced pet sitter/dog trainer never saw Molly...ever!  Can you imagine the client's surprise when we sent her this video while she was on vacation?  

Her reaction was to say this:  

You also see we don't want our clients to feel bad when they discover for the first time a pet sitter who can speak MEOW.  Every true pet sitter has a special gift with animals.  Some with dogs and there's a lot of side gig dog stuff going on right now and then there's the feline folks.  Well, you've found Cleveland's first dedicated cat sitting company.  Our first priority is to our cat clients, but if you have a dog we can care for them too.  

A Special Gift For Meow!

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